You can probably already tell that the first few posts on this blog will introduce you to what you can expect from this blog. When I said I blog about random ass sh*t, I really mean it. Because this isn’t about fashion or finance, this is about graphic design. So for this special blog, I decided to collate two things I love: green and graphic designing.


I’m not a professional graphic designer, however I would like to get into that profession. I find Japanese graphic and web designers with their simplicity one of my main inspirations. I started to develop a genuine interest in graphic designing almost 6 years ago and if I had one regret up till now it would be that I didn’t take a bachelor of graphic design at a college, rather I cared more about the institution I would attend took up a bachelor of commerce with a major of marketing. However—








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It took me about a good 3 seconds to come up with the title of this blog regarding Yesstyle. I’m sure many of you Korean/Japanese or asian fashion lovers have heard of this infamous online store—with a rep. Whether that rep would be good or bad depends on your purchases because it could either be a hit or a scam miss. Join me as I look through my current purchases that have still yet to come, as well as some tips I learnt along the way when it comes to smart buying on YesstyleWarning: This is a long post.


Despite my intro, I’m still a Gold ass member on Yesstyle because as long as you shop smart on Yesstyle then you won’t be able to stop yourself seriously.

I feel like before I get into this blog post, I wanted to describe my style of clothing and/or just my style in general. My preference is skinny jeans/slim fit mom jeans with a cropped/non-cropped but tucked in lettering, graphic or just a plain t-shirt. I’m also a massive fan of New Balance shoes. I like a more casual/chic look. If I were to pick a Kpop idol whose airport fashion is similar to my general style, it would be Seulgi from Red Velvet, Krystal Jung from f(x), or Somi from the former group IOI. You should search up their airport fashion, really inspiring.

Let’s get into the most exciting part first, where I share to you what I recently purchased from Yesstyle. By the time this blog post is published I probably (hopefully) would’ve already received most of these items.

All prices listed below are AUD and are also Gold member prices, please keep that in mind.

Let’s start off with one of my most favourite things to purchase on any online store, t-shirts.


1. Striped Short Polo Shirt – $10.28 – QZ Lady – https://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1038978055

Lately, I’ve been really into cropped polo shirts. But when I say cropped I just mean the shirts that end at the hem of your jeans or a little past, it still covers your stomach. There’s actually two colour variations of this shirt and I already have the black one, which I obviously really liked enough to buy the white variation. I’ve also been looking into buying the (expensive ass) UNIF cropped zip white shirt and the Ellesse crop zip polo but they’re both unavailable for purchase at the moment unfortunately. So I’ll just have to make do with my cheaper Yesstyle versions.

2. Rose Embroidered Short-sleeve T-shirt – $13.74 – Dute – https://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1059587288

I honestly don’t own very many plain white t-shirts, maybe just two. One of them is Dead Studios chloe pocket tee (in basically all 3 colours available), and the other is my white t-shirt from Topshop which I can’t find a photo for. But I don’t like just any white t-shirt, I like the ones with the thick material, that you can’t see through. The sleeves need to be oversized. I sometimes even like those t-shirt sleeves that come down past my elbows. So I decided to purchase this one, with a small cute design of a red rose for that accent. It’ll be cute tucked into jeans.

3. Printed Short-sleeve T-shirt – $13.74 – Moon City – https://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1060200069

If there’s any 4 colour t-shirts that I’m currently obsessing over, it would be emerald/forest green, navy blue, white, and yellow. I’ve never pulled off anything yellow before but I can really see myself wearing this shirt with my -5kg white jeans from chuu. And can we just talk about the vintage graphic design on the shirt? I love it.

Now, we’ll move onto the more risky purchases. Well—I don’t mind risky ethical wise, I mean tops that I don’t usually wear but am currently looking into wearing. I’m not a blouse/dress shirt bearer, but for some reason—with the seasons to come in mind—I started becoming really into looking for blouses and dress shirts. The following tops I thought would look really nice with this Yesstyle cutout crop top underneath, or I wouldn’t have bought them otherwise.


4. Striped V-Neck Blouse – $11.39 –  MePanda – https://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1052817685

The moment I saw the colours of this blouse, I fell in love. It has two out of the four of my current favourite colours in such a beautiful pattern. I really love how this one looks. The only thing that got me hesitant was the deep V-cut down the middle. I’m really not one for V-cuts, especially a cut of this size. Which is the main reason why I decided to also purchase the cutout crop top so I can put it underneath the blouse, effectively utilising the V-cut of the shirt. However, I’m really excited to wear out this shirt when I get it, especially since Summer is not too far away now.

5. Mock Two-Piece Plaid Top – $12.61 – OGAWA – https://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1058201539

Talking about risky V-cuts, get a load of this top. It’s like an off the shoulder V-cut. Definitely one of my more riskier purchases. However, like I said, I can tone it down with cutout crops. What I liked most about this shirt is the plaid design and that rich burgundy colour it ensues. It’s a really gorgeous piece that I’m not 100% sure I can pull off, to be completely honest. I didn’t really immediately go into the fishnet under blouse trend but because I really liked how the plaid top draped on the model, I thought it can only really drape and stay in place like that if I bought a mock two piece. However, now I’m thinking of buying just the fishnet top so I can put it under my blouses—it’s starting to catch on for me.

6. Striped Short-Sleeve Blouse – $13.10 – Caramelody – https://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1059689733

This shirt gives me a 50s short-sleeve blouse vibe, where they’d have a neck scarf and a long skirt that it would be tucked into like what Audrey Hepburn wore in ‘Roman Holiday’. Obviously, I won’t be wearing it with a long skirt and a neck scarf, I’d probably just tuck it into jeans or a denim skirt. But I really like the look of the short-sleeve blouse and I’m currently looking into buying more blouses like these.

The last set of pieces I bought in my purchase are a few casual dresses and a slim fit pair of jeans. Since Summer is approaching, I also wanted a few dresses that I feel comfortable wearing in the heat. Honestly, I don’t really feel comfortable showing my shoulders—call me conservative. I also look weird because my arms are really skinny, I need more meat on them otherwise they look skeletal when I’m wearing a sleeveless top (lol).


7. Floral Embroidered Tunic Dress – $17.21 –  Lilygirl – https://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1049513158

When I think of innocence, I think this type of dress is the epitome. The white, flow-y kind of tunic dress. But I really just bought it because I like the flow-y look to these kinds of dresses, it looks like it’ll make you feel airy. Better yet it’ll give you more room and breathing space when you’re walking outside in the heat. I don’t really like wearing clothes that cling especially when it’s over 30˚C outside. And I don’t necessarily want to wear those t-shirt dresses I see people wearing—I never understood those as much as I love t-shirts. So this is my best bet.

8. Mock Two-Piece Mini Dress – $20.66 – Doyle – https://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1058381366

Look, I’ve been searching for something like this for a long ass time. I just like the idea of two pieces especially when it comes to blouses. If you’ve noticed, the clothing items I purchase are really versatile and some can be worn in many different occasions. I consider this piece as one of those items. You can wear it to the office, you can wear it to brunch, you can wear it to dinner, heck, you can even wear it out just to buy some damn groceries. It’s like a mix of casual and formal.

9. Cropped Jeans – $26.61 – Kojasmine – https://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1057664208

If you read my last post, you would have already known that I’ve been looking for some mom jeans. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought a few already—except those end up being returned for one reason, and one reason only… I’m hella short. I’m almost 5’1″ and even though I’ve seen many more asian women shorter than I am, I’m still in the hella short range. I wasn’t blessed with BLACKPINK height and Lisa’s legs, okay? So when I want to pull off some mom jeans I end up looking like some sad tween who still gets dressed up by their parents.

But I’m hoping that these ones from Kojasmine are short enough to just hit my ankles (even though on the model it’s a good few inches higher—well she’s probably 5’5″ for all I know) so I can roll them up a little bit and create some mom jean feel to it. I blame it all on this damn picture that probably everyone has seen of this girl wearing the perfect looking pair of mom jeans.

Alongside these nine pieces, I also got a few more things on top of it that in my purchase that didn’t necessarily fit in any category.


10. Striped Short-Sleeved T-Shirt – $14.90 – monroll – https://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1057753489

This actually would’ve been under t-shirts, however there’s nothing much to say since I’m just purchasing the khaki version of the shirt because I really liked the white version. What I liked most about the shirt is that it’s oversized but it’s short (not cropped but not boyfriend tee length type either). It goes a few inches below the hem of your jeans. I think the khaki version will look nice with black skinny jeans rolled up and my Windsor Smith Lucee Black Womens Leather Sandals.

11. Set of 3: Adjustable Matte Rings – $3.36 – Cheermo – https://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1049827798

When I was looking at the preview images of this product I was like… damn that woman has nice hands. But anyway, mine look nothing as flawless but I think black matte rings like these will look really nice on just about anyone and will compliment your fingers. They look so badass!

12. White Truffle Mist Serum 50ml – $0 (RRP $18.11) – d’Alba – https://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1060762173

Yes! This was the free daily gift for the other day. A 50ml bottle of White Truffle Mist Serum from d’Alba which usually retails for $18.11—can you imagine buying the full bottle? The full bottle of this serum costs $30! Aren’t I lucky to have made my Yesstyle purchase when this came out? Don’t exactly know what this is supposed to do, but it recommends you to spray it fresh from the shower.

That concludes my whopping purchase on Yesstyle, I spent a total of $145.

The original total was $163 however Yesstyle is holding a singles special sale with a 11% off discount code with unlimited use that you can apply in checkout from 6-12 November. I’m sorry guys, it would already be over by the time I post this but I vowed to only post every Wednesday. Hopefully, there’s an even better deal/discount code when this post is released.

Disclaimer: Y’all can judge on my all you want, but for me paying less than $150 for 12 pieces is freaking crazy. I literally have a several outfits in this one purchase. And before you start judging me hard, I don’t often splurge over $150 (obviously, I’m dedicating a whole blog post about it). The last time I did this was almost 6 months ago. You can forgive me since I’m going to Japan early next year and I need a wardrobe, okay? (Yes, I will make another post for my Japan preparations in the future.) Your girl, Saki, needs to be looking fly like a G6 with some airport fashion.

Yesstyle Smart Shopper

We have arrived at the final segment where I share some of my tips on how to shop smart on Yesstyle. Honestly, these tips you’ll learn on your own as you go and it’s nothing special but it’s nice to be aware now rather than later. Take it from someone who has been shopping on the site for almost 5 years. Let me tell you, I’ve had my fair share of scammed products from the site and I admit at those times I didn’t go by the tips I’m about to share to you. And especially since returns or exchanges is not an option for me because it’s too damn expensive (Australia).

1. Reviews

If I only needed to give you one tip, it would be this one. Read the damn reviews, woman. These will be your lifeline on the site. If you see a product on the site with no reviews, you can take a risk since, it’ll be a 50/50. But like I said, I can’t take too much of a risk since returns is not an option.

I think Yesstyle does a great job at this. They can’t potentially investigate every scam merchant on the site, but they do have a good authenticity system for their products.

Sometimes you can see the authenticity of a merchant by their collective product ratings. When you click into a brand you can see their overall brand rating from verified customers. It can give you a scope of how much you can trust the merchant.

Things to look out for to know if the product is genuine:

  • Substantial amount of good reviews on one product (obviously).
  • “The product is exactly as shown in the images.”
  • “Great quality”
  • 90-100% rating on product or brand

Bad Reviews: When I say you have to read the reviews, I mean read more than one review. Sometimes reviews can be misleading. They sometimes complain about fit issues, but we mustn’t forget that everyone has a different body type/shape and some products might fit differently on you than the person who has left the review. It’s really helpful when the person who leaves a review also includes their measurements so you can match it up with your own.

Good Reviews: You also have to be aware of good reviews. You can never really know if the review left is the merchant themselves and they might just be trying to authenticate their own product. I have also seen cases where the person who has left the review acknowledges somewhat that the product they received was different from product on the model but they’d just say something vague like, “It’s a little different from the product shown, but the fit it still great and it’s still nice quality!” I’m just like… well you’re not helpful. I get you’re not fussy, but not everyone is like you.

2. Filter

When I’m looking for something and the search results come up the first thing I do is filter (not price low to high—y’all broke asses like me know what I’m talking about). When you open the filter option on the side select Customer Reviews or Recommended and I also do In-Stock Items optional but recommended if you don’t want to wait 7-14 days or more for the warehouse to stock the item. This helps you filter out the sketchy items.

3. Price Matching

You need to use a lot of common sense, like if a shirt is $5 you have to question the quality and the authenticity of the product. If you’ve been surfing you’ll know that the general price for shirts on Yesstyle is around $10-$30 and I rarely see anything above or below that price range unless it’s from a genuine Korean/Japanese brand (a little more about this in the next point), or if the shirt is on sale.

4. Korean/Japanese Brands

Yesstyle upholds their Korean and Japanese brands on the site, they even add a little tag on the bottom of the product to let you know that the merchant is Korean/Japanese or another country that is less popular. That’s already a sign that you can trust this brand, and it all depends on the fit. They do sell products from well-known brands like chuu and COSRXSo if you’re going to buy, I suggest looking for that flag tag on the products.

And that concludes this post! If you like this post, then let me know and I’ll continue to do these posts with other sites that I like to shop on. You can probably already tell that I do one post a week, scheduled every Wednesday at 12 AM (AEDT).

Credits: Images are from Yesstyle.com

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Just a heads up, I’m a female so you might be wondering why (the heck) am I blogging about bi-fold wallets. It’s a staple men’s accessory, Saki. Well—that’s exactly why I’m blogging about it, because it’s unfortunate that it’s only a guy’s thing.


I was browsing an online store one time, initially trying to find a good pair of slim fit, high-waisted mom jeans (you know those ones from the 90s). Then as I usually do, I eventually transcend into searching for something completely different, something unrelated to what I initially wanted to buy. It helps that the pair of mom jeans I wanted was an expensive ass pair of Wrangler jeans (help me).

But that thing was… a bi-fold wallet.

Naturally, it was under the mens section and I really don’t know how I ended up in this particular section. But I obviously subconsciously needed a new wallet. That begs the question though, why didn’t I just go to the women’s wallet section of the site?

The answer is, I really don’t know.

But thanks to that I stumbled upon the selection of bi-fold wallets.

I remember back in high school, almost every girl would have a large ass wallet. I’m talking their wallets could pass as a clutch. I think the largest part of it was the design, otherwise the excessive space would’ve been too much honestly. Even I had one of those large wallets and I loved that shit.

My sister used to have this large wallet from Mimco and it had a mirror the same size as the wallet embedded inside it. I was shocked and slightly appalled—I mean damn I don’t want to see my face every time I open my wallet and see my face reaction reflected in the mirror when I find out I don’t have any cash inside it. Or when I open my wallet at the counter to find that I didn’t bring my damn loyalty card for the store I shopped at (I always so happen to never have them on hand when I purchase something expensive from the store and I just see the sales clerk just look at me with so much pity and a touch of empathy).

Funny story though, my sister now has the smallest Mimco pouch where she stores everything.

And that inspired me to also have a pouch. So for my birthday that had just passed, when she asked what I wanted—I said I wanted a customised Mon Purse. 


This is basically my purse, it’s emerald green but with an icon of a moon on it because I thought it looked cute and it kind of referenced Luna from Sailor Moon.

And why is this relevant? It’s not, I just wanted to give you a background story of my current wallet situation. Heh.

Anyway, back to the bi-fold. (That transition).

I wouldn’t say my current pouch wallet is small by any means, it was just medium sized and fit a lot of of things inside it—but that’s the problem. I eventually kept filling it up with random things like my roll-on perfume, my lip balm and lip stain. It eventually became… well a normal pouch rather than my wallet.

So I think that might as well be a reason as to why I found myself browsing through bi-folds. To put it simply: I wanted a small wallet.

And bi-folds are freaking perfect for this, why?!

But yes “why” indeed?

Let’s look into it further shall we. I’ve compiled a list of reasons as to why the bi-fold wallet is very appealing to me.

1. Compact

This is the main reason of course, you always see your dad, boyfriend or guy friend randomly pull out their wallet from their pockets and us women are just standing there having a field day thinking about us trying to fit our large ass wallet in our pockets.

I’m jealous.

It’s true that women are more likely to bring a bag around, why not just slip the wallet inside there? But there are times that I just don’t want to bring my whole entire bag with me. However, it’ll be an even more of an inconvenience to not have my hands free when I’m walking around. I’m torn.

2. Simplicity

If I’m being honest, my previous wallet (before my pouch) only really had my cards and loyalty cards. It’ll sometimes have cash, but that’s a rarity.

And that’s it… so why do I even need a large ass wallet?!

If you see a bifold it’ll only really have 8 slots more or less, it might even have a space for a photo, a small zippered section for your coins, and a compartment on the top for your notes. And isn’t that all we really need if all our wallet contains are cards and loyalty cards with a few bits of cash here and there?

3. Gratifying

This is actually an unconventional point, but it wasn’t that long ago when we were a cash society and if there’s one small thing I used to associate my dad with when he’d pay for something back then was when he’d take out his wallet and open the note compartment to reveal a stack of notes. Honestly, it probably didn’t even amount to a large sum but back then I had the impression he was rich (haha).

Now we’re not really a cash society anymore but I still do have a few friends who use cash as a form of budgeting. They’d withdraw a certain amount and keep that cash in their wallets and only vow to spend what’s in their wallets and not in their bank accounts. These people inspire me, seriously.

But if I ever was to do that method of budgeting, I think a bi-fold wallet would be the perfect thing to motivate me.

Potential Bi-folds

Now for the part you probably scrolled all the way down for and didn’t bother reading what was above this section. Listed below are a few bi-fold wallets that caught my eye. To conclude I’ll also reveal to you what I ended up getting.

Please note that the listed price are in AUD and is subject to change depending on when you are viewing this post (or where), I have linked where you can buy these products so have a look.



  1. Fossil  – Jori RFID Zip Bifold $45 – https://www.fossil.com/us/en/products/jori-rfid-zip-bifold-sku-swl1822406c.html
  2. Montblanc – Black Leather Billfold Wallet $355 – https://www.farfetch.com/au/shopping/men/montblanc-billfold-wallet-item-12130560
  3. Fred Perry – Classic Bifold Wallet Ivy Green $63.94 – https://www.kjbeckett.com/brand/fred-perry/fred-perry-classic-bifold-wallet-ivy-green
  4. VON-RÖUTTE – Sinatra Bifold Chocolate $70 – https://von-routte.com/products/bifold-sintra-chocolate
  5. Status Anxiety – Nathaniel Leather Wallet $79 – https://www.surfstitch.com/status-anxiety-nathaniel-leather-wallet-black.html
  6. OBEY – Men’s Vandal Bi-fold Wallet $53.46 – https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OBEY-Mens-Vandal-Bi-Fold-Wallet-/332403726612?_trksid=p2385738.m2548.l4275

Just in case you were wondering, the bifold on my feature image is the Fossil Sydney Bifold Wallet however I wasn’t able to find one available for Australian customers.

The Deciding Factor

We’ve come so far—we’re finally here at the last segment where I reveal to you what I bought.


Not even joking. After all this writing, I bought none of the above bi-fold wallets but I have a good reason for it. Don’t get me wrong, I still stick by my opinion and will probably buy a bi-fold in the near future.

Unfortunately for me, I’ve missed my chance because my best friend ended up buying me a really nice Oroton wallet for my birthday, which I love her for. I still found it a little too big but I’m not about to complain, Oroton is expensive.

However, what I did buy is a simple card holder that doubles as a small coin purse from Scotch & Soda. I place my debit card and license on one side and my most used loyalty cards on the other, also a few coins inside it.


7. Scotch & Soda – Leather Card Holder $59.95 – https://www.theiconic.com.au/leather-cardholder-493533.html

As I wrap up this post, I really hope more people agree with me on this and actually would want to pick one up. If more people express their desire for more compact wallets like the awesome bi-fold then more brands will start to pick up on the idea and put out more selections for women. At the moment, it’s still a very masculine item. Even the way it’s designed is more on the heavy side (the irony).

I’ll update this post if I ever get one.

On that note, let me know if you decide to pick one up!

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What better way to start a blog about random shit than the very source of how these random shits came about? What am I talking about? Finance, my friend. You know the income, them monies, etc. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a finance blog. This is probably the only finance post you’ll see unless I decide to update you on how I’m going with my finances.


When you’re 21 (like me at this point of time), this is most likely what I like to call the ‘splurge age’ where honestly… half the time we have no idea where our money goes. Sad, but true. Don’t kid me, y’all know what I’m talking about. It doesn’t even necessarily have to start at the age of 21. Some even as young as 13 years of age—bless their soul and their parents wallets.

So what were we talking about?

Ah yes! Money.

Please note that these are from experience, this may not apply to everyone. These are just things that work for me.

1. Pay Your Bills

No, I mean like… literally right after you receive your pay. Once you pay all your outstanding bills that are due before your next payday, you’ll be worry free until your next pay comes. Get it over and done with in one day.

It’ll hurt to see all that money come out immediately, but honestly after doing it for the past few months it no longer hurts like a mofo.

This is especially helpful for people who are paid on a monthly basis. My sister gets paid on a monthly basis and if she doesn’t get rid of all her outstanding bills for that month she’ll forget about certain bills. And y’all better be praying that she’ll have enough money in her bank account when those bills hit her like a freight train later in the month.

I get paid on a fortnightly basis, so it’s not as bad to keep track of my bills and which bills I’ll need to pay within the fortnight.

2. Multiple Accounts: Lifesaver

Look—if you have just a whole bunch of money on one single account how are you supposed to know how much of it is for paying your bills? How are you supposed to know how much of it is for everyday spending? And since we all have Paypal, sometimes that shit just holds the purchase and it doesn’t process on your card till a day or two later and it just escapes into the sunset with your money when you least expect it.

So please, open more than one account. One that doesn’t have any monthly fees for multiple transactions and transfers between accounts.

This is basically how I’ve set out my bank accounts, and I’m not joking when I say they are named like the following.

Wallet: This is basically my everyday and billing account. It’s the “OG” account if you know what I mean… also known as my first account that I opened up with this bank, okay? I’m just trying to give you a little leverage. I have all my bills online stores, Paypal, Afterpay, transport billing (etc.) all linked to this account. It’s also where my pay comes through every fortnight.

Piggy Bank: This is the Queen B account, as in… I ain’t ever going to touch the monies in this account or else I’ll be off with my head! (Yes, I made an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ reference.) Every time my pay comes through, I put aside a large amount of money to my savings and never touch it, ever. Or else I get fees… but you know what I mean.

Reserve: This account contains my “reserves”, I basically always have $200 in it no matter what (no more, no less). And if I’m low on cash in my Wallet account then I’d—what I like to call—”tap into my reserves”. Not that I really want to, because if I ever do that means I’ll need to put that money back into it when I get paid. Basically like a personal overdraft but without the risks. So if I borrow $70 from my reserves, next time I get paid I’ll put that $70 back into the account.

Bills: This is an account where I can put aside money for future bills that I can’t manually pay, since it’ll charge me automatically on a fixed date. So things like monthly subscriptions and my train card that I’ve put auto top-up for. I also chip in $30 for the internet on the 1st of every month. This is helpful to ease off the anxiety of not having enough money when you get charged. It’s happened to me before and I was in the negatives.

Basically, I like to be organised. Give it a try.

3. Financial Apps Don’t Work

Believe me, I’ve searched and tried but honestly I find myself using these expense tracker apps or financial budget apps less and less each passing day. Unless you want to log in every little thing for the rest of your life, please do so if it works for you.

The whole point of these apps is to pretty much be like, ‘hey look—y’all spending way too much on food’. Which I’m not really complaining about because I love food… not the point, Saki. Moving on.

Why not, just spend less money. Also here’s a few graphs to be insightful of your bad spending habits. Moral of this section.

4. Phone Calendar

I honestly didn’t think I’d ever find my phone calendar useful with managing my money but it has come to prove me wrong for the past few months.

I use it heavily to track down what days I’m working and how many hours I’ve earned in that specific workday. Then after a fortnight ends, I like to calculate and bring up an estimate of how much my pay will be for the fortnight. (The life of a part-timer, and shut up people on salary, okay?)

I note done all my bills on the days I’ll pay them off to get a scope of just how much of my money goes towards my bills.

Basically, my phone calendar is a much more simpler version of a finance app without the unnecessary features. I think the fact that it’s much less complex almost forces you to have complete control over your transactions.

5. Needs > Wants

Honestly, how many times have we heard this when we were younger and our parents were attempting to convince us that buying our needs is much more important than buying our wants (in the end they lose and they buy that toy we wanted).

My budget is basically the value after all my expenses are deducted, which never really amounts to much but enough to last me until the next fortnight. It’s usually in the 3-digits.

But I always have this nagging thought that even a 3-digit value is too much for a budget especially if you’re still living with your parents. I have a special anecdote about this that I wanted to share to close this article.

I was conversing with my manager over my lunch break (I know) but she so happened to be on break too. She’s in her late 50s or early 60s and she has a daughter a few years older than I am who is getting ready to settle down with a partner of her own. My manager was telling me how her daughter expressed her lack of desire to stay at her mothers or her mother in law’s home when she gets married to her fiancé.

My manager then sighed and said something I don’t think I’ll ever forget, she said, “I told my daughter—’while your father and I are still working, you should take advantage of us.'”

She then went on to say how a parent would be hesitant to let their child leave them without being certain of their future and/or direction in life.

And I thought, I’d probably be the same way towards my child.

So as vulgar as it sounds, take advantage of what your parents have and are still providing for you. True, there are some parents who unfortunately don’t feel the same way and wish for you to leave them as soon as possible but we all have different situations and I’m sure they have a reason for feeling that way.

But I’ll only be saying this (I hope) to people who actually do want to be independent with their finances and future ventures.

On that note, I’ll leave you with my well wishes.

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